OVAL Drums Engineering was born from a personal need which found no answer at the time.

This need was mine. My name is Tom, and I am both a drummer and a mechanical design engineer. I wanted to replace the external triggers from a recognized Japanese brand I had been using for many years, but with something different. External triggers are great for their ease of use, but not so great in regards to holding their settings though time or providing consistant and homogeneous sensing.

I didn't invent internal triggers, far from it. But couldn't understand why - technically speaking - they were mostly very complex, invasive and therefore much more expensive than external ones.
By combining my knowledge of mechanics, materials and CAD, I designed my own internal, simple, light and flexible triggers. Since their performance was satisfactory to myself and some trusted friends, I then created OVAL Drums Engineering in 2020 to share my innovation with as many people as possible.

Today, OVAL Drums Engineering brings a range of triggers to turn any drum into an electronic or hybrid one. These trigggers are 100% designed and manufactured in France.
Your triggers will made to order and to the dimensions of your drums, and then shipped worldwide. Therefore, if the current range does not meet your needs, do not hesitate to contact me and we will study a solution together!

When buying from OVAL Drums Engineering, you also participate in the development of new products which will turn your drumkit towards the future.

Thank you for your trust.